Sitemap & Rules

Frontier Campground Site Map
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Frontier Campground Rules

• Quiet time from 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM. No loud talking, singing, or radio playing after 11:00 PM.


• A white plastic bucket is provided at your site. All glass bottles and jars, metal cans (tin and aluminum) are to be placed in the bucket.
• When the bucket is full, please take it to the recycling station.
• Please take all newspapers, magazines, and cardboard to the recycling station.
• Note: all soiled paper plates, paper towels, tissues, waxed cardboard, plastic coated cardboard, or any paper that is soiled is considered garbage and should be put in the garbage can.


• No trenching of any kind is permitted.
• The high side of the campsite is designed with drainage in mind, making it an ideal place to camp.
• Always put a primary tarp over your tent. Usually this is enough to keep your tent from leaking and your tent site dry.

Washing your utensils

• It is strictly prohibited to wash anything at the water post.
• A camper should bring a water hose and two dish tubs; one for washing and the other to rinse. Don't forget a container to heat your water in.
• Make sure your dish water is free of food particles before emptying anything into the woods. Dumping on campsite ground is strictly prohibited.

Picnic Tables

• Tables must be covered with a protector or a tablecloth. This keeps the table clean for our next visitors.
• Do not burn, deface, or melt wax on the tables and/or seats.
• Do not cook with a charcoal grill on the tables. It will damage the tables.


• Small pets are allowed. No Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans or other aggressive breeds.
• All pets must be on leash at all times.
• Pets may not be left unattended.
• You must pick up after your pets.
• Nightly and seasonal pet fees apply.

Woods & Fires

• Do not cut or break any living trees or shrubbery.
• Do not pick up any dead wood from the property to use as kindling for starting fires.
• Keep the fire ring at least 8 feet from the perimeter of the site.
• Do not burn trash, garbage or plastic materials.
• Once you have established where you want a fire do not move the fire location anymore.
• Do not clean the ashes or disturb the fire after it has burned down.
• Do not drag the ring with ashes in the site, just leave it where you originally had your fire.
• Do not pile dirt or, sand around the ring from the site area.
• Do not put ashes in the garbage can.
• Do not burn pallet wood. It contains staples and nails.
• All fires must be out by midnight.

Cancellation Policy

• Any cancellation will incur a $30.00 service fee. • After you cancel, you will be charged the first night and refunded the rest of the stay’s cost/what you have payed.